Creating the Ultimate Home Office

You may think that you need a home office, yet if the work you do at home consists mostly of paying bills, filling out paperwork and checking your emails, then a modest desk tucked in a corner or kitchen may be all you need. Even the dining room or kitchen table will suffice under these circumstances. However, if you have a home business, are in school, or do most of your work (or all, in some cases) from your home, then practical and sophisticated space is a must. Finding that special space can be a challenge, yet in most cases completely attainable.
Choosing A Space:
When choosing a space, the foremost step is to determine exactly how much space you are going to need. Think about if you plan to have guests or customers in your new office or if it will be a completely private work sanctuary. After determining the amount a space you need, the next step is to choose a location. Noise level, proximity, natural light (if desired), and privacy all need to be taken into consideration when choosing your new space. For example, if you expect guest or frequent phone calls which require privacy, you may want to be sure your space has doors. Locks are also a plus.
Awesome Space Ideas:

  • A spare bedroom that is barely used
  • Attic space
  • Unused/Rarely used dining area
  • Basement
  • Extra Garage space
  • Backyard shed
  • Den

Unused large walk-in closet
Keep in mind rather or not your office will need to be handicap accessible. If you find yourself lacking any unused or underused space, consider room dividers or strategically placed bookshelves to create a more defined area.
The Ultimate Work Surface and Storage
If you can afford to splurge on anything, your work surface and plush seating are key pieces in creating and ideal office. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and certainly don’t limit yourself to a plain old desk, if that doesn’t feel acceptable. There are so many different options for work surfaces these days.
What to Consider When Choosing a Work Surface:

  • What you will primarily use the surface for (i.e. writing, drawing, computer, etc.)
  • How big is your allotted office space/room
  • What style fits your personality
  • Trendy standing desk
  • Shape of desk (such as an L shape) or a U-shaped desk)
  • Exactly how much space you need to work efficiently
  • A built-in or workbench for those with limited office space
  • What type of finishes/material appease your taste and style
  • How much storage is needed

The last step in creating the perfect home office is choosing your lighting and decor. Having a window or some sort of opening to allow natural light into your space can prove to be very beneficial. No one wants to feel like they are in a secluded dungeon when trying to get things accomplished. In addition to natural light, a desk lamp is a valuable piece to include in your home office. Even in a space with adequate, built-in, overhead lighting, a desk lamp illuminating your concentrated work area may increase your productivity.

As for your style and decor, decide if you want your new space to blend with your current home decor, or if you would prefer a neutral, clean space to reduce distraction. Are you into traditional looks that incorporate Faux Stone, oak furniture, and standard, matching bookshelves, or do you prefer a more modern or quirky style with lots of colors and unconventional storage and shelf ideas? If you like the Faux Stone idea but not the old-timey feel, you can incorporate modern pieces. (Think exercise ball for a desk chair, milk crates for shelves, homemade art and repurposed or upcycled items.)
Whatever you decide when creating your office space, just be sure it’s a place you will be the most productive in as well as an enjoyable space.


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